Posture Corrector Braces: Do They Work?

Posture Corrector Braces

If you are a woman in need of serious relief from neck and upper back pain, consider using the posture support bra as a back support. To give women the added support they need, a posture support bra helps develop the upper back muscles to encourage proper positioning of the head and shoulders.

Using Posture Support Bra as a Back Support

While using a posture support bra as a back support is a positive step towards alleviating chronic neck and back pain, it should only be part of a comprehensive program.

Strengthening your neck, upper back, and spinal erector muscles through regular exercise will be the key to making this program work. Maintaining correct posture activates the muscles of your back from the lumbar region all the way up to the base of the skull. Muscular endurance becomes essential for any person, but especially for women, who have to deal with an additional amount of weight trying to pull their posture out of alignment.

For immediate relief, try both methods. Using a posture support bra in conjunction with a healthy exercise regimen is sure to yield positive results.

Keep in mind, the use of the posture support bra as a back support should be limited to extended periods of time sitting or standing in place. Overuse of a postural support will not allow the smaller stabilizer muscles to develop and may leave you prone to injury in the future.

If you are having chronic back pain, consider all options, and look at your daily activities to find opportunities to alleviate unnecessary strain and stress. If you sit at a desk, is your keyboard in the optimum position for long periods of typing? Are you having to strain your neck frequently to see your computer screen or communicate with others? Perhaps most importantly, are you taking frequent breaks to get some light exercise and stretch? Even a few minutes of exercise during your day can make a big difference.

Why Use Posture Correction Braces and Bras

posture corrective brace is a product which is specially designed to improve the bad postures which is indicated by shoulder slouching or hunching. This posture correction brace is also very effective in relieving back pain, neck pain as well as shoulder pain.

The main reason why people need to use such things like posture correction braces is that their basic posture is not good. Due to bad postures, the basic shape of the body changes which leads to shoulder slouching, back and neck pains. These issues arise in the body due to muscles being overloaded or the inter-vertebral discs being strained because of bad postures.

Not only health issues, the bad postures ultimately have other psychological affects like low confidence and tension in the mind. The best method to get rid of bad posture is to use something known as a posture brace. There are various types of posture correction braces available in the market. First of all, you need to find out which part of the body is responsible for bad posture. It can be your forehead, shoulders or spine.

Depending on that body part, you should find out a suitable posture corrective brace. There are slouching shoulder braces which help to straighten the shoulders which have started to slouch. Then there are other types of posture braces which keep the forehead straight. There are back braces which keep the back straight which provides relief to the spine.

Apart from posture braces for men, there are specific kind of posture bras and posture correction bras which are available for females as well. Female posture corrective bras are getting pretty popular since these can be worn inside the clothes and help getting the right posture through out the day. The undershirt posture braces are also becoming very famous due to the same reason. You should always research and read posture brace reviews and check posture brace prices online before finalizing on a particular posture corrective brace.

Posture Brace Brands Reviews

Posture brace support is designed to help you give that maximum support to you by pulling your shoulders up and that will in turn make sure that you have the correct posture.

The features that you should look for in any posture brace are:

The material that they are made of – Most likely it should be made up of spandex or polyester or a combination of both.

Undetectable – In general the style and the structure of the brace should be such that it should be undetectable under the clothing. If you are a female and wear dresses which do not have a full back then make sure that you buy a shape of the support which is not visible under your dress. There are various specially designed female posture braces available in market.

Manufacturing – Most of these are manufactured in China but there are a lot of manufactures who have a manufacturing facility in USA. Not that it matters because if you buy from a good manufacturer you are sure to get good quality irrespective of whether it is manufactured in China or USA.

Latex free – Make sure that the posture brace that you are wearing does not have the latex in it.

How to Wear a Posture Brace

1)  Always wear an undershirt underneath the posture brace as otherwise it can cause rashes and irritation after long use of the brace.

2)  Make sure that you buy a couple of these of the same brand and size so that you can easily wear each one on a rotation basis rather have to wash and use the same one each day.

Good brands:

  • Underworks
  • FLA orthopedics

Another good product is the Braceability posture corrector. Now this one has elastic side panels for support. It has Velcro to help adjust the straps on the sides for the shoulders.

There are others who wear this posture brace along with the Cincher back support belt. This helps in making sure that your shoulders as well as your back is perfect.


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